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The first day that I joined the Walking for Water club I learned that in desperate conditions, women and children are forced to walk miles through dangerous areas hoping to find water, which is often contaminated, to bring back to their village. The water fetching also prevents girls from getting an education, making the water crisis multifaceted. 

This club was more than a few kids coming together to raise money, it became a family. This club became a safe place where we would escape everything happening in our lives and we would work for something bigger than ourselves. This club taught me leadership and public speaking skills that will last a lifetime.

Walking for Water has created a mindfulness within me about water. It propelled me to step outside my own self and give to others. 

Sarah Smelkinson

Class of 2019, Laguna Beach HIgh School

I first learned about Walking for Water through my personal relationship with Susan. She urged me to join the club, promising that it will touch into other aspects of my life as well. She couldn’t have been more right. Not only was I able to work on a great cause, securing a source of clean water for those lacking, I found myself working on myself as well.

For example, in a meeting where I was trying to express my findings on a charitable marketing strategy to increase the amount of help we can provide, I found that I was working on something much deeper than my task at hand – my own confidence, my ability to work with others, and my public speaking skills. I was indirectly working on imperative life skills, while directly working on imperative work to people’s health and life…this club runs deeper than traditional non-profits. 

Wes Abrahams

Class of 2020, Laguna Beach High School


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Keller Kramer


Inaya Hassan

As a high schooler joining a club seemed a great way to meet other people, maybe talk to some girls and do something fun. Little did I know I would be joining a club that stood for an amazing cause, would provide incredible leadership and mentorship, and would open up my perspective to the rest of the world, triggering an innate desire to help others and learn more about who I really was.

From the beginning, especially as a high schooler, I always did my best to glean whatever I could from the wisdom Susan had to offer. Her passion for helping guide young adults, who were at such a crucial point in their lives, truly helped bring a perspective no other organization I have even been a part of could bring. It helped you to ponder, question, learn, understand, and grow mentally and spiritually. 

Susan understood the importance of health and well being not just physically but mentally and she shared that with us so that when we worked towards whatever goal or task, we did it from a place of love, understanding, and healing.

From my time learning with her and others and doing our best to make changes in our world, we met artists, monks, other students, teachers, yoga instructors, people of all sorts of backgrounds who provided her and us these pieces of perspective we could add to our repertoire. We were able to connect to people from all walks of life brought out the best in us and others all the while giving us a newfound respect for people and the cause we supported.

My experience with Wisdom Spring and Susan had a profound impact on my life to this day. It is without a doubt I can testify to Susan’s ability to educate and spread love and understanding for whichever cause, issue, or teachings she may embody.

Nic Salvini

San Clemente High School Class of 2014, University of Denver Class of 2018

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