In the last two years we have started a relationship with the wonderful organization Phen-Dey. For years their mission is to support Tibetan communiites in various parts of India. Over the years the Tibetan refugee community has slowly integrated into the local villages and cities across India. Since a number of these communities are located in rural areas it can be difficult to access funds for basic infrastructure and supplies. Phen-Dey has supported these efforts in a variety of ways – including through water and education. 

We have found an excellent partner with Phen-Dey because they are passionate not only about the Tibetan community but also the Indian community. They feel strongly that projects should always benefit the surrounding villages as well as the monestaries and refugee centers. 

Also essential to the partnership is a demonstration for completing projects. It is hard to find people willing and capable of following through on agreed investments assuring that they reach fruition. Since we do not station staff members in country it is vital for us to have reliable and excellent partners. Phen-Dey has strong local contacts who diligently confirm completion of work and innovate further ideas for programming. Our hope is for many collaborations in the future.  


In 2018 we were invited to explore possible projects in several rural locations in Nepal, several hours outside of Kathmandu. One project focused on re-drilling an established well that was damaged in the earthquakes of 2015. A crack caused the well to drain. Since the terrain of the region is mountainous drilling is complicated and expensive. 

We may still pursue projects in the region once we find reliable partners that have a tract record for completing projects.