The youth are our future. Obvious, but true. We can encourage their voices to be heard, or we can ignore their voices. At Wisdom Spring we have spent years working directly with teens on the East and West Coasts, encouraging leadership and skill building. We listen to their voices and their inspiration. There is much we need to hear and learn from this important group


Help us build wells. Help us pay for tuition. 

Make a CHOICE. Take ACTION. Create CHANGE.

What people often don’t realize is how something small can create a huge impact. Over the years we see the direct result of the donations given by individuals and organizations.

We see it in the 1,000’s of children whose covered tuition costs mean they can continue to learn and progress in school. We see it in the young girls not walking miles to fetch water —but yards — thanks to the wells built through donations from you.

We also see it in the teenagers we collaborate with, who learn how to bring their gifts forward and discover that they are leaders in their community. 

This is real impact, not some abstract idea of people far away. We work hard to assure that each dollar designated for a project goes to that project and makes a difference. We take time to confirm that what we say we support is actually supported.

And we have much more work to do!


“Sometimes the water table would be so low that there would be no water. So the men would go down and dig up the mud and pass it to the women, who would take it and press out whatever water they could. Then they put ash on the top. The ash separates the mud from the water as it settled to the bottom so we would have something to drink. And when I saw the animals, the trees, and the people die…I used to wonder if there was any end to this.”

Sobonfu Somé



It’s another Water Fact Wednesday from Indy Key Club! Did you know that dehydration can lead to a loss of strength and stamina, mood swings, and unclear thinking? Let us know! ...

It’s Water Fact Wednesday from Indy Key Club! Did you know that almost 95% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise undrinkable? Let us know! ...

We are so excited to announce this years logo for our annual t-shirts. This beautiful design by @hannah.tyus will be on the t-shirts for both the east and west coasts! Come to the walk on March 26th and get yourself a shirt with this awesome logo 🫶 ...

This is Indy Key Club’s second fact for Water Fact Wednesday!! There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth formed! Let us know if you knew this, or if you learned something new today about water! Remember, Water is Life! ...

Join us at 7PM today on 104.7 FM in Laguna Beach to hear Walking for Water teen activists talk about the club and their mission. Donate at https://kxfm.secure.nonprofitsoapbox.com/kx-takeover-walking-for-water-teen-action or call 949-715-4859 to help us support this amazing radio station that provides us with the airwaves! ...

With the new year already upon us we should keep in mind of our gratitude and thankfulness for the resources that we have readily available to us here in the United States. For many, however, this is not the case. Water is seen by some to be magical and a gift of life. Let’s take the time today and every day to be thankful for our basic necessities, that may seem small to us, but are truly the key factors needed in life. By donating to Walking for Water, we are able to supply thousands of people with clean drinking water throughout Africa and India. Remember that Walking for Water is always open for donations at wisdomspring.org

Here is the weekly water fact from @indy.keyclub ‘s Water Fact Wednesday! Did you know that a person can live about a month without food, but only a week without water? Water is so powerful, and is life. While you are having a glass of water, millions of people in third-world countries have to walk miles just to obtain a small portion of it. Let us not take this for granted, and let us fight to make sure that every single person in the world doesn’t go a day without drinking clean water. ...

In the Dagara tradition this year is about authenticity, magic, moving through challenges and changes, joy, transformation,trickster energy and the year to plant and grow. So I am asking myself and you What do you want to grow? How can you nurture yourself and trust

When I was small I took a twig from a weeping willow tree because I loved the tree and my Grandmother(Nanny) told me it would grow. I trusted her and believed. I had no doubts. I put it in the earth and watched it grow. It was my trees it grew with me. It was my place of refuge.
So I as each of us to take time and ask yourself what do you want to grow? I know I want to grow awareness, truth and trust in myself, so that I can more easily see how my unconscious can take me to places that take me away from truth.

I love these teens! We had so much fun. Don’t forget to mark your calendars. March 26 at 12noon in Laguna Beach will be our Walking for Water event. This will be Wisdom Spring’s 20th Anniversary of Walking4water. Please let us know if you want to be a sponsor or give us an auction item and of course we want uou to attend! Our walk on the East Coast is June 3! My happy place is working with these teens and bringing clean water to people who have to walk miles for water. ...

Walking for Water helps to make sure countries don’t have to worry about water! Help us and be the change and visit our website! #wisdomspring ...

Second bake sale of the week, but this time on the East coast! Over $700 was raised in Leesburg supporting Walking for Water! Huge thank you to all of our supporters and everyone who helped make this possible 🍪🧁 ...

Walking 4 Water helps us bring water and education to the villages in India and West Africa #helpusmakeadifference #wisdomspring ...

Bake sale! Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at this year’s Hospitality Night in Laguna and donated to our cause for some tasty treats 🍪. You can still donate at www.wisdomspring.org

#bakesale #charity #goodcause #water #waterislife #hospitalitynightlagunabeach

While I was in Leesburg to meet with my Walking for Water teens. Many of you know it has been difficult to get back into Burkina Faso because of their struggles and the loss of Sobonfu. Needless to say my heart lies in West Africa. We have still helped in Kenya and all over India bringing water and education but unable to get into the area where my heart is called.

While in Leesburg I always go to the local Grocery store (Giant), and get my basic essentials (WATER). While there, I hear an accent (of course to me I always think it is someone from West Africa), but of course most of the time I am only 50% right. I think to myself Susan STOP you are making things up in your head. Well, right at that moment my $20 bill gets stuck and a beautiful woman with the accent comes to help. I can tell she is struggling with her day and I am sure she is struggling even more because of me. Phone ringing me saying ”where are you from”? She doesn’t respond and of course I can’t help myself I ask again. She responded with I can’t wait to move home this place isn’t for me. I want to help my people and bring education and water. We have saved up and are moving back in June. I then ask where are you from? She replies, “West Africa.” I get a full body rush of goose bumps. I can tell she feels it too. I say “I am here to support our youth in loudoun county and laguna beach schools to bring water and education to indigenous villages.” She starts to cry and I do too. I feel this energy move through us both. This happened in early October and since then her, her husband, my board, well drillers have spoken and our plans are to bring water to Togo and education. Everything looks like a go! I will travel in July to see it happen, but first I need to raise the money to do so.
Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and I am asking for you to bring clean water to Togo and education and to support us in bringing it to many locations in India too. We are a 501-c3 and if you have any questions or want our EIN number please reach out to me!
Please donate at https://www.wisdomspring.org/donate/#wisdomspring.org #water #makeadifference #livingyourgifts #walking4water #nonprofit #education #teens

Approximately 67% of the population in Togo, Africa has access to clean water while only 75% can obtain this water within a walking distance of 30 minutes. Not only do the Togolese struggle to find drinking water, but bathroom facilities as well. Because of climate change, water scarcity is affecting countries all over Africa due to disproportionate supplies of rainfall, occurring in both floods and droughts. Help be apart of the fight for clean, accessible water today by joining Walking For Water and donating to wisdomspring.org

Walking for Waters goal is to bring clean drinking water to all! Help us be apart of the change and check out our website! ...

Thank you! Steve Adams gallery for the first donation of this year. It is our 20th year as a club and it’s going to be a good one. Once again thank you @steveadamgallery for the beautiful piece. This will be auctioned off at our walk be sure to join us. #lagunabreezedistrict wisdomspring.org donation link ...

Early Saturday morning meetings, club members come join us at Susan’s house! (Link for donations wisdomspring.org) By supporting the cause you will be directly impacting the lives of thousands of people. ...



Over the years we have worked in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya and India. There is also a chance to potentially work in Nepal, other African countries, and potentially the United States. 

Our Top Priorities

We commit every day to making long lasting change for the world around us. We do this through several key areas of focus that make up part of our core mission.


Our projects have the success they do because we engage high school age students in leadership roles. They bring a focus and passion that inspires others to contribute and get involved. They are the future of this work.


Knowledge is power. In parts of the world, covering the cost of school tuition poses a huge challenge for families. As a result access to education and higher learning becomes impossible. We commit to bridge that gap.


Water is life. We take for granted every day that we can simply turn on a tap and fill a glass or a pot with water. However this is not the experience of everyone in the world. We strive to improve that reality.

Upcoming Events


WE MADE OUR GOAL FOR 2022! Over $100,000 raised in our Walking for Water 2022 event. Our teen clubs and supporters walked on both Coasts and virtually all over the world to make this a wonderful year. Not to mention our best Auction ever! As alwaysthe teens leading the way and showing us how to engage community and make a difference. We can’t wait for next year and the 20th Anniversary of Walking for Water!

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.”

- Mahatma Ghandi

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