The youth are our future. Obvious, but true. We can encourage their voices to be heard, or we can ignore their voices. At Wisdom Spring we have spent years working directly with teens on the East and West Coasts, encouraging leadership and skill building. We listen to their voices and their inspiration. There is much we need to hear and learn from this important group


Help us build wells. Help us pay for tuition. 

Make a CHOICE. Take ACTION. Create CHANGE.

What people often don’t realize is how something small can create a huge impact. Over the years we see the direct result of the donations given by individuals and organizations.

We see it in the 1,000’s of children whose covered tuition costs mean they can continue to learn and progress in school. We see it in the young girls not walking miles to fetch water —but yards — thanks to the wells built through donations from you.

We also see it in the teenagers we collaborate with, who learn how to bring their gifts forward and discover that they are leaders in their community. 

This is real impact, not some abstract idea of people far away. We work hard to assure that each dollar designated for a project goes to that project and makes a difference. We take time to confirm that what we say we support is actually supported.

And we have much more work to do!


“Sometimes the water table would be so low that there would be no water. So the men would go down and dig up the mud and pass it to the women, who would take it and press out whatever water they could. Then they put ash on the top. The ash separates the mud from the water as it settled to the bottom so we would have something to drink. And when I saw the animals, the trees, and the people die…I used to wonder if there was any end to this.”

Sobonfu Somé



T-88 days until our east coast walk!! Donate today to help save lives 💙💚#walkingforwater #waterislife💧 #teenactivists ...

Water scarcity is a real problem! It’s affecting millions of lives as we speak! Please visit our website to donate or get involved! ...

Today, when I met with my Walking for Water youth, I was reminded of the importance of recognizing the unique contributions that each individual brings to the group. In Sobonfu`s village, everyone is valued and necessary, and this sentiment holds true for us as well.

For example, there is a member of our group who may not speak up often but possesses keen observation skills and attention to detail. Their ability to notice things others may overlook has been invaluable in our mission to provide clean water to those in need.

Another member of our group is always the first to volunteer for any task, no matter how challenging. Their determination and willingness to go the extra mile have inspired us all to push beyond our limits and strive for excellence.

We also have a member who brings creativity and artistic talents to our fundraising efforts. Their innovative ideas and visually stunning designs have helped us capture the attention of our community and garner support for our cause in unique ways.

These examples serve as a gentle reminder that each person, no matter how seemingly ordinary or understated, possesses something special and unique. It is in recognizing and nurturing these individual qualities that we can truly come together as a community, each contributing our own piece to the puzzle and creating a collective impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.

So, take a moment to reflect on your own strengths and talents. Trust yourself and believe that you, too, have something valuable to offer. Embrace your uniqueness, for it is in celebrating our differences that we can make a meaningful impact in the world and truly shine. You too can find this within yourself; trust yourself and believe this to be true. #wisdomsprin #walking4water_ #makeadifference #charity #waterislife #beyou #gifts #livingyourgifts

Did you know this fact? You can be a part of the difference! Raise awareness about the water poverty crisis to your community! ...

2 billion people worldwide face the issue of contaminated, dirty water. Donate to Walking for Water to save thousands of lives today!! #waterislife💧 #walkingforwater #teenactivists ...

Save the date to help us bring water to villages that walk hours for water. April 21 in Laguna Beach, California and May 21 in Leesburg, Virginia. You can support us by going to the walks or online at wisdomspring.org #makeadifference #nonprofit #waterislife #walking4water_ #livingyourgifts #sobonfusome #watercrisis ...

Save the dates join us to bring water to those who need. April 21 at Laguna Beach High School and May 18 at #morvenpark in Leesburg, VA. WATER IS LIFE Go to wisdomspring.org to learn more #nonprofit #walking4water_ #waterislife #konovoro #youthmakingadifference #livingyourgifts #wisdomspring.org ...

Approximately half of Africans use surface water sources like ponds and streams, which are often contaminated.#walking4water_ #savelives #nonprofit #savethedateApril21 #helpuschangetheworld #wisdomspring.org #youthchangingtheworld ...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
Let today serve as a reminder that each of us has a role to play in creating a world that is filled with love and compassion. Whether it be through small acts of kindness, words of encouragement, or grand gestures of generosity, let us strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

Help up bring water to those in need. For more information go to wisdomspring.org #walking4water_ #makeadifference #nonprofit #waterislife #20mikesaglass #wisdomspring #sobonfusomé #livingyourgifts #givewater ...

Every year we have one of our youth create the logo for our t-shirts and hoodies. Check this years out which was created by our senior Hannah Tyus from Laguna Beach High School. If you want a hoodie let us know. Pre order it dm me and t-shirts will be available at both walks. As we get closer you can order them ahead of time too! Help us bring water/life to villages in West Africa and India. ...

Wow! May we recognize that growth is always happening! ...

Over the years our youth have gathered to give water to indigenous villages that need water and education. Water is life our youth make it happen. #water #wisdomspring #cleanwater #walking4water_ #charity #makeadifference #nonprofit ...

So proud of my Walking for Water youth! We are able to save lives together and have fun! Go to wisdomspring.org to see what these teens are doing and have done! #charity #makeadifference #havefun #waterislife #walkingforwater #savelives #cleanwater ...

Let’s make a difference in our world Walking for Water! ...

Water Fact Wednesday! ...



Over the years we have worked in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya and India. There is also a chance to potentially work in Nepal, other African countries, and potentially the United States. 

Our Top Priorities

We commit every day to making long lasting change for the world around us. We do this through several key areas of focus that make up part of our core mission.


Our projects have the success they do because we engage high school age students in leadership roles. They bring a focus and passion that inspires others to contribute and get involved. They are the future of this work.


Knowledge is power. In parts of the world, covering the cost of school tuition poses a huge challenge for families. As a result access to education and higher learning becomes impossible. We commit to bridge that gap.


Water is life. We take for granted every day that we can simply turn on a tap and fill a glass or a pot with water. However this is not the experience of everyone in the world. We strive to improve that reality.

Upcoming Events


WE MADE OUR GOAL FOR 2022! Over $100,000 raised in our Walking for Water 2022 event. Our teen clubs and supporters walked on both Coasts and virtually all over the world to make this a wonderful year. Not to mention our best Auction ever! As alwaysthe teens leading the way and showing us how to engage community and make a difference. We can’t wait for next year and the 20th Anniversary of Walking for Water!

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.”

- Mahatma Ghandi

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