2018 WALKING FOR WATER Events: May 11 in Leesburg VA & June 2 in Laguna Beach CA  (Please walk or Donate)

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In Burkina Faso, Women & Children Walk for Miles Each Day to Carry Water…

Walking for Water is a fundraiser — created by teenagers in Leesburg, VA and now expanded with an additional group in Southern California — for the benefit of indigenous people in Africa. Join us each spring for a walk in the countryside near Washington, DC, at the Morven Park Equestrian Center to raise money for the Dagara people to get water. Also, be sure to check our events calendar for fundraisers in Laguna Beach, CA.

In 2004, A Perfect Idea Became a Reality…

In 2004 Kristen Karinshak a sophomore from Heritage High school in Leesburg, VA learned that in the villages of Burkina Faso, West Africa, mothers and children have to walk up to 6 hours with heavy jugs on their heads to get water for their families, she decided to take action. At age 15, she co-led her first fundraising event by organizing 15 teenagers to start Walking For Water.

Walking For Water Fundraising Event

Check out photos from our 2007 walk or watch our video below….

The first year we built five wells for the Dagara people. Today, Walking For Water has raised over $260,000 for the people of Burkina Faso to help drill water wells.

The wells provide clean sustainable sources of water. Today, with the support of generous people like you, we have put in 26 wells. With the continuous drought situation, we need more wells to diverge from the remaining water sources that often contain disease. During her trip to Africa, Kristen also learned that there are droughts of many kinds: of medicine, of education and of rain. Drought kills the crops, animals and people. In addition, starvation, lack of schools and medicine drive many villagers to the overcrowded, poverty-stricken cities, which could destroy the entire culture.

Walking For Water is devoted to giving the waters of life to the indigenous villages. At Wisdom Spring, we combine village wisdom with Western drilling technology. We funds wells, medicine, education and more. The goal: to reclaim the land and the rich culture that sustains indigenous culture.

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