2018 WALKING FOR WATER Events: May 11 in Leesburg VA & June 2 in Laguna Beach CA  (Please walk or Donate)

Our Fundraising Programs

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Walking for Water Logo

Walking for Water is an annual walk created by teenagers in Leesburg VA, and devoted to giving the waters of life to the indigenous villages. We are proud to now have a second group of teens dedicated to this goal in Southern California in Laguna Beach. The first year we built five wells for the Dagara people. Today, Walking For Water has raised over $260,000 for the people of Burkina Faso to help drill water wells.

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Village Soup for the Soul

Village Soup For The SoulSoup for the Soul is a fundraiser, organized by the West Coast Village, in gratitude for teachings received from the Dagara people. This event combines a Feast, Ritual and Fun.

It is our way to say thank you for keeping the indigenous ways alive. The event is held annually in the Bay Area.

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shakti-tribe-logoSince 2007, our Shakti Tribe PEACE OUTREACH has been blessed with numerous opportunities to bring forth our peace concert ministries into jails, prisons, half-way houses, juvenile detention centers and orphanages. Committing to this soul work has deepened our awareness of how much we all have an ability to truly make a difference when we choose to recognize and affirm the highest in one another.

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