2018 WALKING FOR WATER Events: May 11 in Leesburg VA & June 2 in Laguna Beach CA  (Please walk or Donate)

Our Water Initiative

What would you do if you had to walk to get water for your home?

Imagine experiencing walking a mile to a well, pumping water into a large container, and then carrying it back home.

Very different than turning on the tap. It’s a powerful thing to imagine.

We use 25 gallons of water to take a bath but everyday Dagara women walk miles carrying approx. 25 gallons of water on their head for the tribe. Children start carrying water at age 3.

dagara-villiage-life-water-holeIn many countries around the world, women & children walk for miles each day to carry water for their villages. Many of the creeks and hand-dug wells can contain disease. In some areas the wells might even be dry for significant periods during the year.

Drought kills crops and animals, driving many villagers to the cities. This has threatened the ancient and natural way of life, especially in many villages throughout Africa. Concurrent issues also include distance between wells, poor construction of past wells and a lack of reliable technical support.

Amazing the role water plays in our lives, especially access to water. You probably already know this but access to water often affects access to other things – like education.

See yourself as a young child walking to get water each morning from the well a mile away. By the time you get there and back, school starts and you constantly miss class. After a time you just stop trying altogether. If that water become closer, then you can get to class.

dagara-women-at-wellThat changes everything.

We try to focus on these things that interconnect. Although education plays a key role in our work, so does water. Supporting both builds confidence in communities to tackle other issues as well.

As of 2014, Wisdom Spring has:

  • Raised $260,000  specifically for the creation of wells for Burkina Faso and other countries of West Africa.
  • Built 26 wells in various villages throughout Burkina Faso
  • Raised awareness of this important issue to people all over the world

We do this through fundraising programs like Walking for Water…

Walking for Water LogoWalking for Water began in 2004 as a fundraiser to benefit of indigenous people in Africa. When teenagers in Leesburg, VA learned of the issues facing village families in Burkina Faso, they felt moved to act. These 5K walks signify the distance many children and women in the villages must walk each day to wells and water sources throughout Africa.

The annual fundraising event held at Morven Park (in Leesburg VA, just outside Washington DC) is sponsored by teens from Heritage High School and Tuscarora High School. In 2012, a group of teenagers from Laguna Beach High School organized to hold the first Walking for Water in California.

A significant amount of the funds raised so far for the 26 completed wells have come from the walks. It continues to be passed down, year after year, to a new group of high school students passionate about the support of others. Even though they may feel far away, the impact is felt, both in the communities of Leesburg, Laguna Beach, and the villages of Africa.

> More about Walking for Water

DID YOU KNOW? An individual can donate directly to the creation of a well. Please see the Make a Donation page for details on this initiative. Every donation, however small can make a difference. Wisdom Spring has worked hard to find dependable technicians and well diggers so that every cent is put directly to good use.