2018 WALKING FOR WATER Events: May 11 in Leesburg VA & June 2 in Laguna Beach CA  (Please walk or Donate)

Wisdom Spring, Inc. aims to implement new ideas, to support the dream of young people and to encourage healthy communities around the world.

Since its inception, Wisdom Spring has been working diligently to provide various villages in West Africa with two key elements: drinking water and resources for education. More recently we began to expand this work to include other areas of the African continent and the world.

  • In the West African country of Burkina Faso, and in many countries in the world, women & children walk for miles each day to carry water for their villages.
  • Many of the creeks and hand-dug wells can contain disease and may be dry for significant periods during the year.
  • Drought kills crops and animals, driving many villagers to the cities
  • This migration has begun to threaten the ancient and natural way of life for many villages throughout Africa.
  • Rebuilding the infrastructure of wells and potable water has become elemental in shifting this course of events.

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  • Intrinsically tied to water availability is ongoing access to education, both ancient teachings and current forms of education.
  • Currently about 20%-25% of the Burkina Faso’s population receives formal education, with the rate dropping to 2%-3% in the villages.
  • Despite the presence of public schools, parents are required to cover some tuition, as well as supplies. With high unemployment, this can become a challenge.
  • In addition distance, overcrowding and rigid grading structures can act as strong deterrents to access to educational situations.
  • However, we have seen that even small donations towards tuition and supplies can have direct immediate impact with far reaching results.

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