2018 WALKING FOR WATER Events: May 11 in Leesburg VA & June 2 in Laguna Beach CA  (Please walk or Donate)

We support communities getting access to water, education and continuing a lineage of wisdom that we all can learn from

How do we do it? One Well at a time. One Child at a time. One Story at a time.

Are you ready to make a powerful impact?

It’s easy. It’s simple.

Would you be willing to help educate a child?

Would you be willing to give a child a book that has never owned one before?

Would you be willing to contribute to the digging of a well that would supply a village water?

These are the ways you can help, some of the ways you can make a difference… Would you be willing?

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Walking for Water
(East Coast Program)

Walking for Water
(West Coast Program)

Here is how you save the lives of others. This is how you improve their lives…

Just to realize, that when Sobonfu goes home to her village in Burkina Faso…that children in the village can now read. So opposite to when she was a young in the village and a letter would come…

“You would have to take the letter to the nearby town and somebody has to read it. They have to comeback to the village to relay the message. Then the village has to sit down and think about what they are going to say, and then they have to send the person back to the scribe who is then going to write the reply. But whoa! The answer to the letter would end up having nothing to do with what the original letter said or asked.”

Remember that old fashioned game of operator?

It was just like that, and this is something that the Wisdom Spring Education Initiative has changed. Now, people can read their letters themselves.

That is major change!

Because of the Wisdom Spring partnership, people in the village are more interested in their own culture again. When the kids come home from the city, they want to learn how to make and shoot a bow an arrow. They come back and listen to the stories and that in itself is invaluable.

There are 50 languages in Burkina Faso, but now some have been living in the city and now only speak French and can speak none of the native languages. It makes you realize something is really being lost. The first time Sobonfu encountered that, she thought it was a joke. It isn’t like these other languages are not spoken everywhere, they are spoken.

The interest and care that is an derivative of Wisdom Spring initiatives is both re-energizing and revitalizing these cultures.

When Sobonfu took the first group of westerners to Burkina Faso, everyone was genuinely interested to learn about the culture – the rituals, stories and traditions of the village. Some of the village kids who were thinking of running away to the city and never going through initiation, started to realize the value of what their culture and traditions had to offer, “These people are interested in it, and we want to run away from it?”

That is major change!

We are not only saving lives, but we are giving dignity to people

Little of us can imagine the difficulties of surviving in a little tiny village and experiencing the challenges of water.

After walking 5-10 miles to get water, they would often sit all night waiting for the water table to rise…and if the water table didn’t rise, they would have to dig up the mud.

“Sometimes the water table would be so low that there would be no water. So the men would go down and dig up the mud and pass it to the women, who would take it and press out whatever water they could. Then they put ash on the top. The ash separates the mud from the water as it settled to the bottom so we would have something to drink. And when I saw the animals, the trees, and the people die….and I used to wonder if there was any end to this.”

But now, because of donations you have made to Wisdom Spring, there are 25 wells that give villages easy access to cleaner and reliable water.

“I never dreamed that there would be people that would make this happen.”

That is the magic of it.

Be a part of the magic

It happens because of community. With YOU —  Of course. Imagine you can be part of change in the world – because you can. At Wisdom Spring we believe it. We see and hear stories everyday about changes being made. They may seem like small changes, but each builds on the other. Soon that kid you supported is going to college – simply because you are willing to help.

Take ACTION. Make a CHOICE. Create CHANGE. The possibilities are endless…

Preserving indigenous cultures while changing lives for generations

If the wisdom and rituals from these small indigenous villages disappear, then we all lose. There is so much we can learn from them, that can enrich our lives. And, there is so much that we can give them to make their lives healthier and easier.

We aim to implement new ideas, to support the dreams of young people and to help form healthy communities around the world.

Since its inception, Wisdom Spring has been working diligently to provide various villages in West Africa with drinking water and resources for education through various youth-organized programs including Walking for Water and Art for Africa. Our newest youth program, Healing Hands, continues this work focusing on various ways to support water and education projects.

Wisdom Spring’s fundraisers have raised over $300,000 to assist the people of Burkina Faso and beyond, by building wells that provide clean sustainable sources of water and supporting students to get to school. Today, with the support of generous people like you, we have put in 26 wells and educated over 1,600 kids!

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